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To report a non-emergency crime or suspicious activity, call 301-932-2222.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you may contact us via the Maryland Relay Service. Please call 711 (in Maryland) or 1-800-201-7165 (Voice).

Report a Crime or Suspicious Activity

In an emergency, call 911. To report a crime that is not in progress or to report suspicious activity, call 301-932-2222 in La Plata, 301-743-2222 in Indian Head or 301-932-7777 in Waldorf. You may also report crimes in person at any district station. Please do not e-mail us to report a crime.

A Note about Suspicious Activity
See Something, Say Something: The CCSO strongly encourages citizens to report suspicious activity. If you become concerned about activity in your neighborhood or at a business, trust your instincts and call police.

Sometimes when officers canvass a neighborhood as part of the investigation of a crime, we find neighbors who say they saw suspicious activity but did not call us because they were not sure if they should, they did not want to bother us, or they assumed someone else would call instead. Often, choosing instead to call us might have helped us solve a crime or interrupt a crime in progress.

So remember: Never talk yourself out of calling police if you see suspicious activity. You might be the key to stopping a crime.

Contact an Officer

To contact an officer about an investigation, call the automated officer voice mail system at 301-609-3282 to leave the officer a voice mail message. You will be required to enter the officer’s ID number (the three-digit badge identification number). Detectives cannot be reached via the voice mail system. To contact a detective, call 301-609-6400.

Please remember officers and detectives work rotating shifts and may not be available to respond to your call right away. If your message is urgent and needs immediate attention, call your local district station at 301-932-2222 in La Plata, 301-743-2222 in Indian Head or 301-932-7777 in Waldorf. If you are calling about an emergency situation, call 911.

Request a Police Report

To obtain a copy of a police incident or motor vehicle crash report, please submit a written request to the Records Section. Download the form on our website, obtain a form from a District Station or submit a letter on either plain paper or company letterhead.

There is an $8 processing fee per request. The payment must be made in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made payable to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. Cash and personal checks are not accepted. The payment must be included with your request.

Mail your request and payment to:

Charles County Sheriff’s Office
Records Section
PO Box 189
La Plata, MD 20646

Please allow 10 working days for us to process your request.

Records Request Form

Access Public Records

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office complies with Maryland law governing access to public records. Requests for public records shall be submitted under the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA).

MPIA requests must be submitted in writing with specific details about the information you are requesting. Your request may be handwritten or typed. Requests being made on behalf of a business or organization should be submitted on official letterhead.

The CCSO charges an $8 fee to process each request. Your payment must be included with your request. We accept cashier’s checks or money orders made payable to “Charles County Sheriff’s Office.” We do not accept personal checks or cash.

Some requests may require an additional fee for photocopies or research time. You will be notified of any additional cost to complete the request. Should your request be denied, your $8 processing fee will be returned.

Please mail your request to:

Charles County Sheriff’s Office
Records Section
PO Box 189
La Plata, MD 20646

Please contact the Records Section at 301-609-6404 if you have any questions.

To learn more about MPIA, please visit the Maryland Attorney General’s website.

Obtain a Peace or Protective Order

Peace and protective orders may be obtained from the Charles County Circuit Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., excluding holidays. Peace and protective orders may be obtained from the District Court Commissioner, located at the Charles County District Court, on weeknights after 4:30 p.m., weekends and holidays. For more information about filing a peace or protective order, visit our Crime Victims Support page.

Report a Traffic Problem

Citizens who are concerned about non-emergency, on-going traffic problems such as vehicles consistently speeding on a particular road may report their concerns to the Traffic Operations Unit by calling 301-932-3062. Citizens may report abandoned vehicles by calling the La Plata District Station at 301-932-2222, the Indian Head District Station at 301-743-2222 or the Waldorf District Station at 301-932-7777.

Anyone who witnesses a traffic offense should contact the CCSO immediately by calling one of the district stations. In an emergency, dial 911.

When reporting traffic offenses, be sure to include as much information about offending vehicle as possible including its make, model, color, tag number, location and direction of travel.

Request a Patrol Check

Under certain circumstances, citizens and businesses may request an additional police presence around their homes or commercial establishments for a specified period of time. Please complete a Patrol Check Request form and return it to your district station, where the commander will review it and advise you whether your request is approved.

Patrol Check Request

Schedule a Ride Along

Citizens often request to participate in ride-alongs with patrol officers. To request a ride-along, please complete a Ride-Along packet and return it to a District Commander.

Ride Along Packet

Background Investigations

The CCSO only conducts background investigations for CCSO and County Government applicants. If you need a background investigation for a security clearance or other purposes, contact the Maryland State Police at 301-392-1200 or visit the MSP website.

Please note: The CCSO provides fingerprinting services.

Request a Deaf Visor Card

The CCSO offers vehicle visor cards to help officers and a deaf or hard-of-hearing citizens communicate effectively during a traffic stops or other situations involving law enforcement. The cards, which were created as part of a collaboration between the CCSO, the Advocacy Support League and Southern Maryland Interpreting Service, are designed to be kept in a vehicle’s visor, ensuring they are quickly accessible by the driver.

The cards notify the officer that the person is deaf or hard of hearing and that the person’s failure to cooperate with verbal commands means the person does not hear the officer. The cards are also used to make officers aware that the person cannot read lips; that pointing a flashlight in the person’s face during nighttime traffic stops will prevent the person from seeing any gestures; and that a Qualified Interpreter must be provided upon request to ensure effective communication.

The cards provide the phone number for the Southern Maryland Interpreting Service and also important information for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals to remember if they are pulled over by law enforcement.

To obtain a Deaf Visor Card, e-mail the Media Relations Office at or call 301-609-6538 (voice only).

Commendations and Complaints

To commend an officer or employee for exceptional service, you may e-mail or write to Sheriff Berry at:

Charles County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Troy D. Berry
PO Box 189
La Plata MD, 20646-0189

Formal complaints can be filed at any District Station in person, by mail or by telephone. All complaints will be handled confidentially and are assigned to the commander of the accused officer or employee. Download the complaint form (Spanish version) and mail your completed form to:

Charles County Sheriff’s Office
Office of Professional Responsibility
PO Box 189
La Plata, MD 20646-0189

Completed complaint forms may also be submitted in person at any District Station. The Office of Professional Responsibility oversees all internal investigations to ensure thoroughness and fairness.

For more information about the complaint process, including answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our Commendations & Complaints section.

Information for New and Potential Residents

If you are moving to Charles County and are interested in learning about crime statistics in a particular neighborhood, please visit our Crime Reports section for access to searchable information regarding calls for service. If you require additional information, you may submit a Freedom of Information Act request. (See “Accessing Public Records” above.)

In addition to reviewing crime statistics, the CCSO recommends new residents visit the neighborhood at different times of the day and night and chat with residents who already live there to determine whether the neighborhood is suitable. The CCSO is prohibited from offering its opinions of neighborhoods.

Frequently Requested Phone Numbers

Headquarters: 301-609-6400

La Plata District Station: 301-932-2222

Indian Head District Station: 301-743-2222

Waldorf District Station: 301-932-7777

Charles County Detention Center: 301-932-3100

Warrant/Fugitive Unit: 301-932-3065

Child Support Unit: 301-932-3059

Domestic Violence Unit: 301-932-3066

Community Organizer: 301-932-3080

Human Resources: 301-609-6417

Media Relations Office: 301-609-6557

Red Light Camera Program: 301-932-3519

Update Your Business Information

In an effort to continue providing the business community with a high level of service from the Charles County Emergency Services organizations (Sheriff’s Office, Fire and EMS), we are seeking your assistance in gathering or updating information pertaining to your business in the event of an emergency. The information provided on this form will be entered into our computer system, kept confidential, and only be used in case of an emergency. Once complete, please forward the form to , by fax to 301-609-6585, or by mail to:

Charles County Sheriff’s Office
C/O Communications
P.O. Box 189
La Plata, MD 20646

We appreciate your help in our efforts to continue to improve our services.

Complete Our Community Services Survey

The purpose of this survey is to aid in the process of determining how the Charles County Sheriff’s Office could more effectively serve our community. Your participation by completing the survey will be used in our ongoing evaluation process. Completed surveys may be returned by mail, fax or dropped off at any of the Sheriff’s Office facilities or emailed to The survey can also be filled out online and submitted below.

Community Services Survey

The survey can also be filled out online below.




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    To make a general inquiry, call our Headquarters at 301-609-6400 or e-mail us using the form below. Our e-mail is only monitored during regular business hours. Please do not e-mail us to report a crime or suspicious activity.

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