To report a crime that is not in progress or to report suspicious activity, call 301-932-2222 in La Plata, 301-743-2222 in Indian Head or 301-932-7777 in Waldorf. You may also report crimes in person at any district station. Please do not e-mail us to report a crime.

A Note about Suspicious Activity

See Something, Say Something: The CCSO strongly encourages citizens to report suspicious activity. If you become concerned about activity in your neighborhood or at a business, trust your instincts and call police.

Sometimes when officers canvass a neighborhood as part of the investigation of a crime, we find neighbors who say they saw suspicious activity but did not call us because they were not sure if they should, they did not want to bother us, or they assumed someone else would call instead. Often, choosing instead to call us might have helped us solve a crime or interrupt a crime in progress.

So remember: Never talk yourself out of calling police if you see suspicious activity. You might be the key to stopping a crime.