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Welcome to Community Dispatch! The purpose of this newsletter is to keep our communities informed and updated on general information from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Community Policing Unit. Look here for helpful tips, services provided by your Sheriff’s Office and resources you can use to keep you and your community safe.

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Community Survey




    Do you live in the county?

    What neighborhood or area?

    Within the last year, have you had any contact with the Charles County Sheriff's Office?

    How was contact made?
    Called Sheriff's OfficeYou Requested OfficerOfficer Contacted YouIncident with Officer PresentOther

    If other,

    Please tell us about your experience

    What are your primary concerns related to crime in Charles County
    TheftSuspicious PersonsTraffic ViolationsNarcoticsAssaultUnderage DrinkingVandalismImpaired DrivingBurglary (Break-In)Nuisance Violations (Loud Music, Animals, Etc)Other

    If other,

    Have you been the victim of a crime in Charles County?

    Were you provided information about services available to you?

    If so, what services?

    Did you receive any follow up information or contact from the Sheriff's Office?

    Are you satisfied with the response the Sheriff's Office Provided?

    If no, please tell us what we could have done differently

    Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for improvement in our services?

    Do you visit our Website ( or our Facebook page?

    Do you find them helpful?