Current events and the threat of the COVID-19 virus have many of us feeling anxious and weary. Schools nationwide are closed, many for the remainder of the year, and Maryland joined other states in issuing a stay-at-home order and requiring citizens to wear masks when making essential trips out. Many people, if not in fear for their own or their immediate family’s safety, are concerned for the more vulnerable populations, such as senior citizens and those with underlying medical conditions. Many are dealing with feelings of anxiety and helplessness.

The truth is, in addition to social distancing measures that we all must take, there are several ways most of us CAN help our communities and neighbors. These may not all apply to everyone, but we can all do our part to help during these uncertain times.

      1. Take social distancing seriously.

        Unless you are an essential worker or have something you absolutely need to do, like buying food or medicine, just stay home. This may seem like a passive way to “help,” but nothing will do more to stop the spread of this virus than people staying away from one another.

      2. Offer help to those who need it.

        If you are going out to pick up essentials at the grocery store and you know someone who is elderly or has an underlying medical condition, offer to pick up his or her essentials as well. You can drop the items off at their doorstep to ensure that you don’t inadvertently expose them to any germs you may have picked up while out.

      3. Do your part and stay covered.

        When you do make those essential trips out, adhere to the Governor’s Order to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose. This will protect others by preventing you from transmitting any viruses you may be carrying. Try not to touch anything unless you have to, and wash your hands before and after leaving any public space.

      4. Support local.

        Order dinner from your favorite local restaurants. Purchase necessities from the stores that have been able to stay open. Small businesses are hurting and can use our support.

      5. Spread positivity.

        Call or video chat with a friend who could use some company. Send a letter or card to a neighbor who is lonely. Have the kids use chalk in the driveway to write uplifting messages or colorful drawings for passersby to enjoy. Staying connected and remaining optimistic are going to help us get through this pandemic together.

The men and women of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office will continue to take proper precautions while we serve our community at the highest level. We are grateful to the citizens of Charles County for following orders and staying home, and we thank you for your continued support. Stay safe, and call us if you need us.