Last week, The Greater Waldorf Jaycees once again demonstrated its commitment to our community and its support for Project Lifesaver. On Thursday, December 29, CCSO M/Sgt. Paul Gregory, who is a member and former President of the Jaycees, presented a $2,500 donation to Sheriff Troy Berry, Captain Kevin Barrows, and Lieutenant Charly Baker.

In 2007, the Greater Waldorf Jaycees funded $12,000 to establish Project Lifesaver – a program that assists police officers in locating missing persons who have a tendency to wander away and who are unable to communicate where they are. Participants wear a wristband that emits a tracking signal and when caregivers notify the CCSO that the participant is missing, a team of specially-trained officers quickly respond and begin searching the area using special tracking equipment. The equipment significantly reduces the need to mobilize scores of searchers and cuts the most valuable cost: time.

“This is a valuable resource for families and us,” said Sheriff Berry. “The donation will allow us to continue certifying officers in the use of the device and to cover training costs and equipment upgrades.”

To learn more about the devices and who they are issued to, or to register for Project Lifesaver, please call the Maryland Department of Aging at 301-870-3388. The Department of Aging will complete an initial interview with the participant and will then forward the information to the CCSO. We will contact the participant to schedule a time to activate the wristband. Each month thereafter, an officer will check the batteries in the participant’s wristband. Anyone with questions about this program may contact the Community Services Section at 301-932-3080 or visit