Members of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office recently spent time with some very creative people – the winners of the National Night Out coloring contest. As part of National Night Out, SMECO sponsors a coloring contest for children ranging from ages 4 – 12. This year, 20 children took top prizes. Connie Gray, Community Organizer for the sheriff’s office, said this year the kids colored drawings of police cars. “There were some very cool pictures and the kids did an excellent job.” Lt. Steve Salvas – commander of the agency’s Community Services Section and the ceremony’s emcee – said, “This event is always fun. The kids really enjoy their night in the spotlight and it’s our way to show them how much we like their artwork and how we appreciate their efforts.” The winners in each age group included:

4-Year-Old Category
Marcaveus Proctor, Traeyona Swann-Scott and Amiya Smith

5-Year-Old Category
Ma’Lina Wade

6-Year-Old Category
Sophia Rogers and Lawrence Dotson

7-Year-Old Category
Shannon Sweeny and Marianna Hawkins

8-Year-Old Category
Tyra Barnes, Laron Dotson and Waylin Duhon

9-Year-Old Category
Ciara Johnson and Angel Savoy

10-Year-Old Category
Zeyneb Mourtaj and Joycelyn Duhon

11-Year-Old Category
Anthony Pierce and Malachi Green

12-Year-Old Category
Promise Smith, Albert Savoy and Alexa Black.

Everyone celebrated at the Waldorf Jaycees. McGruff the Crime Dog and his nephew, Scruff, were also on hand to congratulate the kids. Winners received a certificate and prizes including coloring supplies and art supplies which were donated by SMECO. National Night Out is a once-a- year event that promotes interaction between police officers and the community they serve to talk about crime prevention.

CCSO officers, McGruff the Crime Dog, and McGruff's nephew Scruff congratulate the winners of the 2014 National Night Out coloring contest.

CCSO officers, McGruff the Crime Dog, and McGruff’s nephew Scruff congratulate the winners of the 2014 National Night Out coloring contest.

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