The Charles County Sheriff’s Office will re-activate automated speed enforcement cameras in designated school zones starting Monday, Sept. 2. The Agency’s three cameras were temporarily deactivated last month when the Agency realized one of the camera sites was not in compliance with state regulations. Since then, a thorough review of all camera sites has been completed and all sites meet requirements.

Speed enforcement cameras are activated Monday – Friday from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. They operate all year long including holidays. The cameras are rotated throughout various school zones, usually every two weeks, and the locations of the cameras are posted on the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

During the week of Sept. 2 – Sept. 6, speed cameras will be activated near McDonough High School and Craik Elementary School, both on Marshal Corner Road in Pomfret.

In addition, the Agency is continuing to work with authorities from different entities to resolve how and when refunds will be issued to those who paid citations stemming from speeding violations on westbound Berry Road near Jenifer Elementary School.

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