DATE: September 3, 2021                   

CONTACT: Diane Richardson
Media Relations Office
(301) 609-6557 or (240) 682-1658

Charles County, MD…The Charles County Sheriff’s Office has launched an app geared toward helping CCSO personnel, their families, and retirees address mental health and wellness. “ Now, more than ever, it is critically important to make sure all employees, past and present, know that they have resources available to help them at any given time,” said Sheriff Troy Berry.

The CCSO Wellness App includes videos, articles, and guides created specifically for those who serve or have served in high-stress occupations. With the wellness app, employees and their family members have on-demand access to relevant, trusted, and effective wellness resources ranging from mental health, chaplain support, self-assessments, nutrition, fitness, finance, and guided meditations.

“As a police officer, I understand the stresses of the job and the sacrifices employees make. I could never overestimate the experiences our employees have been exposed to in terms of traumatic events such as murders, assaults, child abuse, fatal crashes, and violent situations. Environmental demands such as shift work, nutrition, and fitness also factor into our well-being,” said Sheriff Berry.

The benefits of the app are plenty but most importantly, it is confidential and available on any digital device 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  “Mental and physical wellness is crucial to a professional, successful agency. Because law enforcement and corrections officers are exposed to traumatic incidents at such a high rate, they are more susceptible to mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, burnout, fatigue, anxiety, and suicide,” Sheriff Berry said.

“With more and more information being made available about the importance of mental health, we decided this app was a good investment. Our employees benefit from it and the feedback has been great. In the future, we plan to add mental health experts to our agency and, together, we believe we will be able to use all of these tools to improve the well-being of staff, which ultimately, will help us to continue to provide excellent service to our communities,” Sheriff Berry said.

The app was created by Cordico technology, a leader in health technology in high-stress professions.