Charles County Sheriff Troy D. Berry is pleased to announce Lieutenant Jason M. Stoddard and Lieutenant Louis C. Schmidt, III,  were recently honored by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission’s Leadership Development Program for their commitment to providing exemplary instruction to newly promoted law enforcement and criminal justice supervisors and administrators.  Both commanders were honored at a luncheon held on March 3.  “Lieutenants Stoddard and Schmidt are dedicated employees who do an exceptional job teaching. It is an honor to teach at the MPCTC, where instructors are considered to be among the best in their fields,” said Sheriff Berry.

Lieutenant Stoddard teaches during the First Line Administrator (FLA) program and the First Line Supervisor (FLS) program, which includes courses on leadership, strategic planning, conflict resolution, conducting effective meetings, coaching and mentoring, and management. Lieutenant Schmidt teaches in the FLA program and focuses mainly on policy writing, selection and retention of employees, and performance evaluations.

The FLA and FLS programs are mandatory classes that all new Maryland police supervisors and administrators must attend within one year of being promoted. The MPTC programs are taught to police officers, Sheriff’s deputies, correctional officers, State Department of Corrections officers and civilian personnel, Parole and Probation agents, Department of Juvenile Services supervisors, and police communications supervisors from every jurisdiction in the State of Maryland.

Lieutenant Stoddard is a 19-year-veteran of the CCSO and has previously served in Patrol Operations, Crime Prevention, the Criminal Justice Program, the School Resource Unit, and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Baltimore Field Office. He has also served as the Commander of the Special Operations Section. Currently, Lieutenant Stoddard is a Shift Commander in the Patrol Division. He has been teaching at the MPCTC since 2014.

Lieutenant Schmidt, a 20-year-veteran of the CCSO, has served in Patrol Operations, COPS, and the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy. He has also supervised patrol squads and the COPS Unit. Currently, Lieutenant Schmidt is a Shift Commander assigned to the Patrol Division. He has been instructing at the MPTC since 2016.

Photo 1 (Stoddard): Mary Ann Foxwell (MPCTC FLS program); Sara Bender (MPCTC FLA program); Lt. Jason Stoddard; Sheriff Troy D. Berry; Al Liebno (Acting Director of MPTC); Phil Hinkle (Chief of Staff, CCSO).

 Photo 2 (Schmidt): Sara Bender (MPCTC FLA program); Lt. Louis C. Schmidt, III; Sheriff Troy D. Berry; Phil Hinkle (Chief of Staff, CCSO); Al Liebno (Acting Director of MPCTC).