The Criminal Justice program is designed to provide high school students interested in pursuing law enforcement careers with an opportunity to learn about the criminal justice system as part of their academic curriculum.

Program Information

The Criminal Justice program is offered through an alliance between the CCSO and Charles County Public Schools. A CCSO officer who instructs the class daily at North Point High School for Science, Technology and Industry teaches the students about all aspects of the criminal justice system from police and corrections to courts. Students study such subjects as criminal and traffic law, law enforcement procedures, how to fingerprint, first aid, physical fitness and personal safety.

Students test their skills against criminal justice students in other jurisdictions by competing in SkillsUSA each year. Students compete as individuals or as teams and are evaluated on how they respond to mock calls for service and process mock crime scenes, among other activities.

The students also participate in special events.


Charles County Public Schools
North Point High School

More Information

For more information about participating in the Criminal Justice program, please e-mail