The Charles County Sheriff’s Office’s Cadet program is designed to provide part-time employment to college students interested in pursuing careers as CCSO police officers.

Cadet Opportunities

Cadets are uniformed members of the CCSO. Opportunities include:

  • Learning how to handle emergency calls for service and other situations requiring police action
  • Learning and practicing vehicle and radio operation and patrol procedures
  • Learning and practicing civil procedures and custodial responsibilities
  • Traffic control and direction
  • Learning about writing citations for traffic offenses and other minor violations by observing police officers perform this service
  • Assisting in writing detailed incident, investigation, activity and other reports
  • Learning to interpret and apply laws contained in various state codes and local ordinances
  • Learning and practicing basic criminal and traffic investigation procedures
  • Learning and practicing such techniques as crime scene preservation, witness interviewing and evidence collection
  • Providing assistance to accident victims and other victims

Academic and Employment Requirements

  • Sheriff’s Cadets may be in their final year of high school to begin the application process or hold a diploma from a recognized high school or possess a General Educational Development (GED) certificate recognized by the Maryland State Board of Education.
  • Cadets must be between the ages of 17 and 19 at the time of application and may not be appointed until they are 18 years of age.
  • Cadets must pass the written examination and physical agility test required of police officer. applicants
  • Cadets must undergo an extensive background investigation and polygraph examination.

Additionally, cadets must be available to work a maximum of 24 hours per week, with some exceptions. Their work schedules and hours vary and include shift work and weekends.

Police Academy Acceptance

Cadets must serve at least two years in this position before being accepted to the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy. They may enter the Academy at age 20, provided they will reach their 21st birthday before graduation. They must successfully fulfill the obligations required of all police officer applicants, which include:

  • a physical agility test
  • an interview
  • an updated background investigation
  • a polygraph investigation
  • a psychological examination
  • a physical examination, including a drug screening
  • a review by the Police Officer Applicant Review Committee
  • a recommendation by the Commander of the Executive Services Division

More Information

For more information about joining the Cadet Program call 301-609-3903