In an effort to reduce red light violations and the automobile collisions that result, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office operates red light cameras at intersections throughout our community.

Locations and Information

Red light cameras are installed at the following intersections:

US 301

  • Northbound at Acton Lane
  • Southbound at Acton Lane
  • Northbound at Billingsley Road
  • Southbound at Billingsley Road
  • Northbound at Smallwood Drive
  • Southbound at Smallwood Drive
  • Southbound at St. Patrick’s Drive
  • Southbound at BUS 5 and MD 228
  • Northbound at BUS 5
  • Southbound at BUS 5

Leonardtown Road

  • Northbound at Bryantown Road
  • Southbound at Oliver’s Shop Road

Smallwood Drive West

  • Westbound at St. Patrick’s Drive

St. Charles Parkway

  • Southbound at Billingsley Road
  • Northbound at St. Ignatius Drive
  • Southbound at Smallwood Parkway
  • Northbound at MD 5

St. Ignatius Drive

  • Westbound at St. Charles Parkway

St. Patrick’s Drive

  • Eastbound Western Parkway

Western Parkway

  • Southbound at St. Patrick’s Drive


  • Southbound at St. Charles Parkway

MD 5

  • Northbound at St. Charles Parkway
  • Southbound at BUS 5

MD 228

  • Eastbound at BUS 5 and US 301

Red light camera citations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle and carry a $75 fine. The vehicle owner may elect to pay the fine or contest the citation in court. If the vehicle owner fails to pay the fine or appear in court, a lawsuit may be filed and the vehicle owner may incur additional court and administrative fees. Additionally, the CCSO will notify the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) of the unpaid fine. The MVA may suspend the vehicle’s registration and a separate MVA flagging fee will be imposed. If the fine remains unpaid, the vehicle owner will be unable to renew the vehicle’s tags or transfer its title.

The CCSO reviews every red light camera photograph before a citation is issued, which prevents the issuance of a citation to a driver who was part of a funeral procession or who was following the orders of a police officer directing traffic at the intersection.

The cameras photograph the rear tags of vehicles that proceed through an intersection after the traffic light has turned red. The cameras record the date, time, location and speed the vehicle is traveling.

How to Pay a Citation

Payments may be made in person at the Charles County Treasurer’s Office located at 3670 Leonardtown Road, Suite 105, in Waldorf. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

Payments may also be mailed to:

Charles County Treasurer’s Office
Red Light Citations
PO Box 1660
Waldorf, MD 20604-1660

Additionally, payments may be made online at the Charles County Government website.

Whom to Call

If you have questions about paying a fine or about a citation, or if you believe you were issued a citation in error, call the CCSO at 301-932-3519.

How Sites Are Chosen

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office will suggest sites to the contractor. The contractor will study the site and confirm a red light running issue and speeding issue exists.

The following information is used to select red light & speed camera locations.

The locations are selected by using statistical information and the following factors considered in determining placement are:

  • Number of accidents at the intersection or roadway
  • Severity of the accidents
  • Type of accident
  • Type of intersection control, and or school zone
  • Citizen complaints of speeding in the school zone
  • Construction standards and additional plans for intersection and road reconfiguration

Adding a camera is the final solution after other engineering measures have been attempted.

This information is submitted to the county commissioners for their approval prior to any construction beginning.