Charles County Sheriff’s Office Teen Court Coordinator and Victim/Witness Service Coordinator will be hosting an information session for parents on Tuesday May 03, 2022 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. This information session will cover some of the following:


  • Identify available local and regional resources for victims of crime.
  • Identify similarities and differences in how children and adults respond to a traumatic experience (I.e. Being the victim of a crime).
  • Identify potential influences on trauma responses.
  • Identify ways to help children who have experienced being the victim of a crime.
  • Identify the risk and protective factors that have an impact on youth, and what actions families can take when their child is struggling


If you are interested in attending this valuable information session or more information please contact the Teen Court Coordinator Sarah Vaughan at  301-609-3916 or Due to limited seating you will have to register for this FREE class.