School Resource Unit

Youth Outreach

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office and Charles County Public Schools work together to keep schools safe for students and to reinforce the importance of making good decisions.

The CCSO School Resource Unit assigns one officer to every high school and middle school in Charles County as part of an agreement with Charles County Public Schools (CCPS). The officers work closely with the administrative staff and teachers at their respective schools to enhance school safety and address security matters. The officers also develop strong rapports with students and present programs in class that encourage good decision making, build self-esteem, and teach students to be positive role models in the community. In the event of a disturbance at the school, the officers are able to quickly intervene. In addition to fulfilling their responsibilities at their respective high school or middle school, School Resource Unit officers also work with elementary schools to address security matters and present student programs.

The programs School Resource Unit officers present to CCPS students include Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) and Truth and Consequences. They help coordinate We Care, a program that has reduced teen traffic fatalities by using innovative methods to encourage young motorists to drive safely. Each summer, the officers also host a three-on-three basketball tournament, Badges for Baseball, a Just Say No camp and the Summer Youth Program. The School Resource Unit also operates a Student Crime Solvers program, which offers students an opportunity to receive reward money when the students anonymously submit information about crimes in schools. The program is offered in conjunction with Charles County Crime Solvers.

School Resource Unit officers build trust with their students, one of the most important components of the program. Students are able to confide in an officer when problems exist at home or at school, including bullying. Students can also provide the officer with information about a crime, regardless of whether the crime occurred at the school.

School Resource Unit Assignments

Charles County – North

  • Supervisor: SGT Paul Anderson #334
  • 301-392-7595 Office

PFC Lewis Payne #452
Cisco 156050
Thomas Stone High School
Dr. Mudd Elementary
Middleton Elementary

PFC Sterling Douglas #658
Cisco 158050
Westlake High School
Wade Elementary
Barnhart Elementary

CPL Melanie Tyner #455 
Cisco 159050
North Point High School

PFC Shawn Joffe #608
Cisco 140050
Davis Middle School
Diggs Elementary

CPL Stefan Hillman #607
Cisco 133050
Hanson Middle School
Malcom Elementary
Ryon Elementary

CPL Christopher Curtis #527
Cisco 139050
Mattawoman Middle School
Berry Elementary
Jenifer Elementary

CPL Tiffany Smith #513
Cisco 138050
Stoddert Middle School
Turner Elementary
Dr. Brown Elementary

CPL James Thompson #434
Cisco 160050
St Charles High School
Neal Elementary

CPL Jennifer Brown #602
Criminal Justice Program Instructor

Charles County – South

  • Supervisor: SGT Paul Morgan #538
  • 301-392-7568 Office

CPL Kurt Burger#475
Cisco 154050
La Plata High School
Matula Elementary School
F.B. Gwynn Center

CPL James Plunkett #469
Cisco 153050
Lackey High School
Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary

M/CPL Raymond Anderson #422
Cisco 155050
McDonough High School
Craik Elementary

PFC Stephen Duley #494
Cisco 137050
Somers Middle School
Mitchell Elementary School
TC Martin Elementary School

PFC Gregory Cook #580
Cisco 134050
Smallwood Middle School
Indian Head Elementary School
Gale-Bailey Elementary School

PFC Robert Ondrish #636
Cisco 136050
Henson Middle School
JC Parks Elementary Elementary

PFC Eugene Caballero #573
Cisco 134050
Piccowaxen Middle School
Dr. Higdon Elementary

PFC Brock Virts #504
Stethem Educational Center

CPL Sheilagh Cook #479
Billingsley Elementary School

To contact an Officer on his CISCO number dial 301-934-7200 select/push 5 then push in their CISCO number and the # button then push 1.