Sheriff’s Cadet, Part-time

Salary: $18.97 an hour

Sheriff’s Cadets are part-time employees of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.  They perform duties relative to police and corrections work but not requiring police or correctional officer authority.  Sheriff’s Cadets experience on-the-job training to learn to enforce laws related to the protection of life and property, traffic control, crime prevention, and station clerk duties.  Sheriff’s Cadets may also work in the Charles County Detention Center providing assistance in areas that do not involve direct contact with the inmates of the Detention Center.  Sheriff’s Cadets receive close direction from supervisors and carry out their assignments in accordance with established operating procedures. During this period of employment, Sheriff’s Cadets are periodically evaluated for efficiency, general performance of duties, and continued eligibility for appointment as a Police Recruit or Correctional Officer.

Successful Sheriff’s Cadets may be appointed as Police Recruits or Correctional Officers to the first academy class for which they become eligible, provided they serve a minimum of one year of service in the Cadet program, satisfactorily pass the required psychological, physical, and polygraph examinations.  The Cadet Program is under the supervision of the Commander, Training Division.  Cadets will also receive supervision from, and report directly to, designated personnel according to their assignments.  Work is evaluated through observations, conferences, and reports.

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