Charles County Sheriff's Office

Annual Report 2016

The full 2016 Annual Report will be available soon. 

Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR): The OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY(OPR), an independent component of the CCSO, maintains the CCSO’s integrity by ensuring the professional conduct of Agency personnel. OPR’s two functions include Internal Affairs and Standards and Audits and operate under the command of Captain Mike Almassy with assistance from Assistant Commander Lieutenant Dave Kelly.

Internal Affairs (IA) handled 45 cases in 2016. Of those, 14 were exonerated; 6 were unfounded; 10 were sustained; 1 was presented to an administrative hearing board with a not guilty finding; 1 was handled within the Division; and 12 investigations were still open at the end of the year. There was 1 case of a lost badge which was not investigated. The IA cases involved 32 police officers, 10 correctional officers, and 3 civilians.

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