Student Intern Program

7The Charles County Sheriff’s Office recognizes that a close working relationship with the community is imperative for effective operation. CCSO is pleased to offer qualified students an internship with our Student Intern Program. The Student Intern Program provides students with the opportunity to observe and participate in designated activities within the Agency. In addition, the Agency can observe potential Police and Correctional applicants in action.

Program Eligibility

* Currently enrolled as a Maryland High School student, or a Maryland college/university student.
* If under the age of 18, must have parent/guardian written consent.
* Have the approval of a faculty advisor.
* Successfully complete a background investigation to include a Criminal History and Motor Vehicle check.
* Successfully complete an oral interview with the Internship Program Coordinator.
* Completion of the Student Intern Program Application, Liability Waiver, and Student Intern Work Agreement.

Commitment Requirements

* Some internship assignments might require the student to work rotating shirts, our outside normal working hours.
* Formal exit evaluation will be completed by Student Intern and Internship Program Coordinator at the completion of the internship.

Operational Procedures

* Completed Student Intern Application, Liability Waiver and Student Intern Work Agreement submitted to Internship Program Coordinator at
* Completion of background investigation.
* Internship Program Coordinator will coordinate the placement of interns with the Agency based on requested received.
* Efforts will be made to give the Student Intern as many diverse assignments as possible.
* Upon successful completion of background investigation, student intern will complete interview with Internship Program Coordinator to complete all necessary forms.
* Interns who have been accepted into the Internship program will receive an agency issued photo I.D. card, identifying as a student intern.
* Inters will be given a full calendar of internship to include initial interview date and exit interview date.

Please note, an Intern may be removed from the program when circumstances warrant such action for the benefit of the agency.

If you would like more information on the Student Internship Program, contact:

To download and complete the Student Intern Application, please click the following link: Internship Application