Recruitment FAQ’s

NOTE: Information provided in these FAQ’s are subject to change without notice.


Are you currently testing and hiring?
Yes, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office is always accepting applications for the positions of Police and Correctional Officer. The physical agility and written test is completed on a monthly basis. Once you have submitted a complete application, you will receive an email confirmation for receipt and your application will then enter the pre-screening stage.

What is the pre-screening stage?
The pre-screening stage is completed by the Pre-Employment staff, in which they will review criminal and motor vehicle records for history.

How do I apply for any of the listed job openings?
Complete a full Application

May I apply for more than one position at the same time?
Yes, but a separate application is required for each position you are applying for.

What does the PO/CO written test consist of and what should I study?
Our test consists of reading comprehension, math and a grammar section. You can visit for study guide and practice test information.

If I take the written test and fail, may I reapply?
If you fail the exam on the first attempt, you are eligible to come back after 30 days from the original date to retest. For more information, contact 301-609-3903.

I have not heard anything about my application status. Should I reapply?
No, call Pre-Employment at 301-609-3903 or email to check on the status of your application.

What does the Physical Agility consist of?
Please follow this link to find out how you can prepare. Visit How To Prepare on the information list.

How do I update my personal information on file?
If you are still in the initial process of the hiring phase, please contact 301-609-3903 or email with the information. If you are in the background investigation phase, contact your assigned investigator.

Do I get paid while I am in the Police Academy?
Yes, if you are accepted into the Police Academy you will be paid as a Police Recruit, for up to date information on salary, please contact the Pre-Employment Supervisor  at 301-609-3903 or our Recruiter at 301-609-5933.

How long does it take to complete the hiring process?
Typically, 4-6 months. At times, the process may take a longer.

I’m currently on active duty in the military. When should I start the hiring process?
This depends on your flexibility and if you are able to keep up with appointments made with investigators and the different components of the background phase. If your schedule is flexible, you may apply 6-8 months prior to your terminal date. It is highly recommended you contact the Recruiting Unit Supervisor at 301-609-3903 or the Recruiter at 301-609-5933 for detailed information.

What do I wear to the physical agility test?
Applicants may wear workout gear and are encouraged to wear athletic shoes for the test. It is best to wear comfortable clothing and make sure you are appropriately dressed for the weather. No clothing with profanity, racism, sexism will be allowed into the testing area.

Do you have a tattoo policy?
Yes, our policy states:
Upon the effective date of this policy, all Agency employees are prohibited from adding tattoos / body art (including tattoos, branding, cutting, scarification, or any other decorative marking) to their bodies which are likely to be seen by the general public during the normal performance of the employee’s duties. Tattoos existing as of the effective date of this policy are permitted to be seen, provided they meet the standards below.
In general, displaying tattoos / body art depicting the following is prohibited at any time:
 racism;
 sexism;
 obscenity; or
 profanity.
The Sheriff or his designee shall render final judgment in these matters.

I am currently in high school and haven’t turned 18 yet, can I apply for Corrections?
Yes, since the process can take a few months for processing and background, high school students are able to apply for the position of Correctional Officer prior to completing high school or turning 18. The applicant will need to have parental signatures on the application to continue. Once the applicant has completed high school and turns 18, they can be approved for hire.

Can I apply to your agency if I have already applied to other agencies?
Yes, you may submit an application with our agency even if you have applied to other agencies. We do ask the applicant to be upfront with us about which other agencies they have applied too.

I do not have a driver’s license, can I still apply for a Police or Corrections position?
In order to apply for the positions of Police of Corrections you MUST have a valid drivers license.

I have never been interviewed by a panel before, are there any tips you can provide?
Yes, please see the attached Interview Tips: Interview Prep Guide

Whom may I contact for more information?
If you are looking to find out more information about the hiring process, you may contact the Pre-Employment Unit at 301-609-5933.