Scheduled Hearings

No Administrative Hearing Boards are scheduled at this time.


To assure adequate seating for those wishing to attend a hearing, you must register, using the form below, 72-hours prior to the hearing. By registering, you are certifying you have reviewed and agreed to the rules and regulations for attending the requested Administrative Hearing Board.

Rules for Public Attendees of an Administrative Hearing Board

  • Appropriate dress is required
  • No weapons of any kind allowed (attendees may be subject to search via metal detector)
  • No audio and/or video recording of the proceedings
  • No smoking allowed
  • No alcoholic beverages or CDS allowed
  • All electronic devices will be turned off while in attendance.
  • No disruptive behavior will be tolerated. Those in violation will be asked to leave the facility.

Administrative Hearing Board Registration Form

    Full Name

    Email Address

    I.A. Case Number (listed above)

    I have reviewed and agree with the rules and regulations for attending this Administrative Hearing Board