Project: Lifesaver

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For the families of children and adults with autism, Alzheimer’s or related conditions and disorders, the possibility of their loved one becoming lost is a frightening reality. The Charles County Sheriff’s Office offers a way to ease that anxiety: Project Lifesaver.

If children or adults with certain conditions were to wander from family or caregivers and become lost, an extensive search and rescue operation would follow. With Project Lifesaver, searches that could last for hours or days could potentially be concluded successfully within an hour.

Participants wear a wristband that emits a tracking signal and when caregivers notify the CCSO that the participant is missing, a team of specially-trained officers quickly responds and begins searching the area using special tracking equipment. The equipment significantly reduces the need to mobilize scores of searchers and cuts the most valuable cost: time.

The Department of Aging assists the CCSO in screening potential participants but citizens may submit requests to the CCSO.

The initial interview with a new participant lasts less than two hours. An officer and a caregiver complete a four-page form together and the officer collects a recent photograph of the participant and personal identification information. An officer checks the batteries in the participant’s wristband once monthly.

The Greater Waldorf Jaycees funded the establishment of Project Lifesaver with a $12,000 donation that covered training, certification of officers and equipment.

For more information about participating in the program, contact the Community Services Section at 301-932-3080 or visit